Tea Towels, Huckaback

This is the last of the Huckabuck tea Towels.The pattern is fine and has a single thread instead of the traditional double thread. If you have good light it is easy to pick up the threads.

The printed tea towels are double ended so you can cut them in half and crochet a top on them.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Decorative Chef Towelling Tea Towel (45x70)cms $4.95


Max: 1

Decorative Chef Towelling Tea Towel (45x70)cms

Towelling Printed Tea Towels can be cut into two identical halves. With patterns from Craft Moods Books crocheted "Towel Tops" and "More Towel Tops"...
Huckaback Tea Towels (89x47) cms $11.99


Max: 3

Huckaback Tea Towels (89x47) cms

Super size Imitation Huckaback Plain Tea Towels 89x47cms. Any kind of huckaback is very hard to find so much so that they are almost collector's...

New Craft Supplies For January - Tea Towels, Huckaback

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