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Czech Pearls-Strung-Fused

Czech Strung Horizontal Pearls.These come in off white.
The horizontal pearls are strung across the top of the pearl so that they can all hang the same way. There are 4 sizes 4/6, 5/12, 6/9, 7/15. The first number is the width, the second the length.
Czech Strung Round Pearls.These come in 2 shades of off white (they are not white or ivory).There are 5 sizes 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm.
Czech Strung Vertical Pearls. These come in off white.
There are 4 sizes 6/4, 9/6, 13/8, 18/11.
The string runs through the hole from top to bottom of each pearl so the pearls are all threaded one after the other top to bottom, top to bottom etc.
Fused Pearls. This beading won't fall apart when cut into pieces. It is easily glued to a project, can be wound around to cover a foam ball and can be used by Children for craft.
They are extremely versatile and they are in beautiful colors.


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