Americana is an all-purpose, water-based, non-toxic, premium quality acrylic paint.
Americana can be used on almost any surface.
Americana paints are Intermixable and have a consistent viscosity.
Americana blends easily and gives a durable finish.
Americana’s versatility is unmatched and it is used by most talented artists on canvas or by a beginner on their simplest craft projects.
Americana can be used in Sponge painting and Faux finishing. Americana is used for craft and decorative painting, home decor and general craft painting projects.
Americana can be varnished to create various sheens because of it's matte finish. In addition to these, they are used to create a wash, a glaze, a fabric paint or used to create crackle finishes. American is also used for canvas painting, air brushing, watercolor and for stenciling.

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