2oz Glitter

A weatherproof outdoor paint loaded with large flakes of bright, shiny glitter that can be used for solid glitter coverage or adding glitter accents to projects.
Paint on Wood, Plaster, Concrete, Resin, Plastic, Metal, Terracotta, Bricks, Styrofoam
Easy to brush and apply, weatherproof and permanent, won't crack or peel, will not fade, can see where you put the glitter, remains bright and shiny, safe and non-toxic, soap and water cleanup.
Add color and sparkle to your outdoor decorating projects, use for outdoor ornaments and decorations, add glistening effects on yard art, add to Outdoor Snow for a glistening snow effects
For easy, heavy, one-coat coverage, scoop up the paint and pat it onto the surface generously, Wash brushes immediately after use.

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