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Acrylic Paint-JansenArt

ABSOLUTE BARGAIN for this top-quality highly pigmented ARTIST QUALITY resin-based Acrylic.
This stock has old labels and some are thick but can be easily thinned
Jansen Art Traditions Acrylic Paint is the original Artist paint created by David Jansen.
David Jansen has now formulated and is selling a new paint called Heritage Multimedia which is sold in tubes.
We are clearing JansenArt Traditions paint at a huge discount
The bottle is a large 90ml size.
JansenArt is a resin-based acrylic paint that can perform as acrylic, watercolor, or oil paint.
Traditions paint is ideal for many surfaces, including wood, canvas, metal, leather, ceramic bisque, paper, and walls.
DecoArt Traditions paint is available in 50 classic artist's colors.
JansenArt Traditions Paint must be tried while stocks last!.
The colors are brilliant!
Some of the colors are thick. This does not seem to affect the paint as the consistency can be restored quickly by adding water, hence great for watercolor. It is also perfect for stenciling.


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