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DecoArt Acrylic Paints

Americana. An all-purpose, premium quality acrylic paint used for decorative painting, home decor and general craft painting projects. Americana is water-based and non-toxic and has a matte finish that can be varnished to create various sheens. This versatile paint can be used on almost any surface.
Dazzling Metallics. Add sparkle to your decorating with Dazzling Metallics, the brightest, best-covering metallics anywhere. They are available in a vibrant array of bright glittering colors from delicate translucent pastels to deep, rich shaded, and nothing comes close to the beautiful, rich dazzle of our Glorious Gold. These products require no heat-setting and preform beautifully an wood, fabric or virtually any craft surface, and are non-toxic. Dazzling Metallics can be squeezed, splattered or brushed onto the surface of you choice.
Craft Twinkles. An acrylic paint loaded with large flakes of bright, shiny glitter. This brush-on glitter is the easiest and best way to add glitter to any project. The clear base makes it easy to see where you are brushing and is less messy and more accurate than sprinkle-on glitter. Craft Twinkles can be used on virtually any craft surface - frames, lamps, vases, candles and candleholders, ornaments, and other holiday crafts.
Crafters Acrylic. Is a low-cost acrylic paint for simple base coating and craft projects. It is designed to brush extremely smoothly and evenly and to cover in 1-2 coats. Crafters Acrylic is versatile and can be used in general arts and crafts, stenciling, ceramics, school projects, home decorating, and decorative painting.
Gel Stains. Gel Stains are translucent gel stains with a thick, creamy texture for producing antiquing, staining and pickling finishes on wood and other hard surface crafts.
Heavenly Hues. A slower drying, lower viscosity paint that is ideal for creating a wash look on many home decor surfaces. For detailed ceramic and plaster surfaces, simply brush on and wipe back to create the European antique look. Heavenly Hues is ideal for creating a pickled finish on wood.
Hot Shots. Hot Shots are fluorescent acrylic paints made with bright, concentrated neon colors. Hot Shots™ fluorescent content make them super bright and reflective of light.
Liquid Rainbow. Paint, Peel and Stick-on Transparent Paint.
Patio Paint. Permanent and weatherproof acrylic paints for outdoor decorating on concrete, wood, and terra cotta. Patio Paint is formulated for water resistance and excellent adhesion in changing temperatures. Patio Paint solves the weathering and adhesion problems regular paints have on concrete, terra cotta and other outdoor surfaces.
Sandstones. Sandstones is a one-step, brush-on textural paint that can be used for indoor and outdoor projects. It helps create the look of real granite stone for home and garden decorating on many indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Ultra Frost Glass Paint. Ultra Frost is translucent frosted paint for adding elegance to glass, tile, plastic and glazed ceramics. It is durable, washable and scratch resistant.
Ultra Gloss Glass Paint. Ultra Gloss Acrylic Enamels are air-cured enamels designed to paint on glass that are durable, scratch resistant and washable in only seven days. Easy one-step process requires no surface conditioning or topcoats. Ultra Gloss Acrylic Enamels have excellent coverage and a superb gloss finish that make them the best paint for decorating glass, tiles, glazed ceramics, and other non-porous surfaces. They can be baked in the home oven for dishwasher use .


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  • Brushes-Artists Materials
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  • Cords-Craft-Upholstery
  • Craft Basic Essentials
  • Craft Felt-Craft Sheets-Washable
  • Cut Outs-Cardboard Shapes
  • Eyes-Joggles
  • Eyes-Toy Making
  • Fringing-Loop-Cut-Bullion
  • Haberdashery-Sewing-Elastic
  • Hobbs Quilt Batting
  • Hoops-Wood-Flexi-Steel
  • Jewelry-Making-Components
  • Lace Trim-Nylon-Cotton
  • Patchwork-Quilting Tools
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  • Polystyrene-Foam Balls-Shapes
  • Pom Poms-Chenille Fluffy-Balls
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