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Olfa Cutters | Mats

The superior OLFA blade is the result of a multi-step production process.
Only the finest quality tool steel is selected for use.
The blades are ground, then honed (sharpened to an 11 degree angle to provide the desired cutting surface for maximum performance. The blades produced by the OLFA process are unmatched in both their initial cutting power and edge retention.
Experience and testing have shown that 59 degree is the perfect angle for the snap-off blade.
This particular angle gives the OLFA blade 3 important advantages.
First, this angle compliments the natural angle the hand assumes when holding a cutter for use, helping make it impossible for the blade to break as the result of the cutting force.
Second, this angle of inscribed snap-off lines gives the blade a great deal of flexibility, excellent when cutting paper materials.
Third, the 59 degree angle is perfect for snapping-off the used blade segments cleanly, leaving a perfect new cutting edge. This blade angle, determined by OLFA, has become the international standard for replacement snap-off blades ... another example of OLFA leadership.


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