Home Décor Harmony


Home Décor Harmony by Sylvia Montroy. Published by Pat Depke Books. ISBN . Pages: 15

"Home Décor Harmony" is full of home decorating accents that are ideal for craft fairs, gifts, or simply adding a Victorian touch to your home. Featuring thirteen versatile decorating accents, you can create a lace-lined guest towel basket, gorgeous papier maché bookends, or many different floral baskets and accents - the possibilities are both amazingly wide and gorgeous.

Featuring: General Information and Instructions, Victorian Nosegay, "Ebony" the Cat, Spring Bonnet Accent, Apple Pickin' Centrepiece, Moss Basket, "Crackles" the Duck, Guest Towel Basket, Silk Flower Tree, "Petals" the Rabbit, Spring/Summer Swag, Topiary Tree..

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