Plastic Canvas Toddler Learning Toys


Plastic Canvas Toddler Learning Toys by Joan Green. Published by Pat Depke Books. ISBN . Pages: 15

Plastic canvas is a marvellously versatile material, and with the innovation of Joan Green, these early learning toys are real proof! Ranging from coloured stacking rings, to nesting boxes, and even beautiful educational blocks - this book is full of projects that are both easy to make and will fascinate any child. With easy-to-follow instructions and patterns, this would also make an ideal learning project for the beginning plastic canvas worker who would like to extend themselves.

Featuring: Basic supplies, Preparing the canvas, Basic stitching instructions, Stitches used, Interlocking Shapes, Coloured Ring Stacker, Colourful Nesting Cubes, Tic Tac Toe Game, Learn to Tell Time Clock, Educational Blocks..

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