DecoArt Fabric Snow-Tex 2oz


Non-toxic Fabric Snow-tex is a texture medium used to create dimensional look of real snow on fabric. Fabric Snow-tex is easy to apply using a brush, sponge or Palette knife. It dries super soft and pliable and is completely washable without cracking or peeling. Use alone or sprinkle Fabric Snow-Tex with Glamour Dust or mix it with any So-Soft fabric acrylic for endless colour combinations to use for designs other than snow.

Application : Pre-wash fabric (no softeners). For best result, apply Fabric Snow-Tex generously with a brush. Fabric Snow-Tex can also be applied with a palette knife, sponge, craft stick, etc. Additional texture can be achieved by modelling or stippling the product, using virtually any tool. Allow to dry several hours before applying additional coats of Snow-Tex. Allow to dry four days before washing. Wash gently with a mild, unscented detergent. Hang garment or lay flat to dry. Do not place in dryer as this may cause cracking. Clean up with soap and water.

Notes :

  • Try tinting Fabric Snow-Tex with DecoArt Fabric paints such as So-Softs, Shimmering Pearls and Heavy Metals.
  • An undercoat of DecoArt fabric paint such as So-Soft can be applied to give Fabric Snow-Tex a more opaque finish. Apply Fabric Snow-Tex with-in one hour of applying the undercoat.

  • After the Fabric Snow-Tex has dried for several hours, you can apply Heavy Metals glitter paint to add glitter.

  • Add up to 1/3 So-Soft colours to the Fabric Snow-Tex to create soft tints of colours. Great for doing dimensional techniques on fabric such as Southwest designs, centres for flowers, mountains, etc.

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    • Manufactured by: DecoArt

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