Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner 250ml


Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner 250ml

Brush Soap & Conditioner cleans and preserves by returning essential oils to the hair and bristle of natural or synthetic brushes so elasticity is maintained. Remove acrylic, oil, water or lacquer paints.


  • Remove excess paint from brushes using appropriate procedure. Wipe gently with cloth to remove excess if using oil or lacquer, rinse with cool water if using acrylic.
  • Use Brush Soap & Conditioner undiluted in the palm of your hand or container that will allow you to see when colour is no longer being removed from the brush.
  • Gently stroke the brush backward and forward, working the soap well into the bristles. Fingertips may be used to work the soap into the bristles against the ferrule of the brush. DO NOT USE FINGER NAILS as this could damage bristles!
  • Rinse well in tepid water to ensure all the Brush Soap & Conditioner has been removed from bristles and water runs clear.
  • Reshape and allow brush to dry completely lying flat, before using again. Never force dry a brush.
  • Water-soluble colours should be washed from the brush with cool water and brush soap. (Remove any dried acrylic paint with products made for that purpose.) When paint and soap have been completely removed from the brush, dress in Retarder Medium for storage.

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    • Manufactured by: Chroma

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