Fan Quilts: an Easy, New technique


Fan Quilts: an Easy, New technique by Marion L. Maerke & Carol Schiaffino. Published by American School of Needlework. ISBN 0-88195-321-0. Pages: 44

Fan quilts are traditionally pieced by hand, with each curved or bias piece carefully stitched and all blocks arranged in the same direction. Now, thanks to the Fan Guide tool included in this book, the process is faster and easier than ever before. As soon as you trace the tool onto template plastic, you'll be whipping up a fan quilt with ease!

Featuring: Basic Fan-Making Instructions, Madame Butterfly, Colonial Fan, Sparkling Star Circular Quilt, Four Turtle Race or Nine Turtle Race, Little Fans on the Prairie, Fan Fancy, Rainbow Scrap Quilt, Hook Line and Sinker, Fish Fantasy..

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