Create Your Own Wedding Flowers


Create Your Own Wedding Flowers by Betty Ann Lasley. Published by Demis Products. ISBN . Pages: 14

No wedding is complete without flowers, which add beauty and tradition to the biggest day of a bride's life. If you're presently planning a wedding, why not custom design your own floral arrangements, all with the assistance of Betty Ann Lasley - who has served as a wedding consultant for many years. This book is a collection of her favourite, timeless floral arrangements for weddings - certain to make any wedding a beautiful day to remember.

Featuring: Where to Begin, Helpful Hints for Easy Flower Arranging, How to Carry Bouquets, The Cascade Bouquet, Throw-Away Bouquet, Crescent Bouquet, Arm Bouquet, Veiled Headpiece, Bridal Crown, The Colonial Bouquet, Fan with Crescent - The Layer Technique, Flower Girl Umbrella, Ring bearer's Pillow, Making Bows, Bridesmaid's Hat, Hair comb, Head wreath or Garland, The Altar Vase, Bridesmaid's Basket, Candelabra Spray, Aisle or Pew Marker, Corsages and Boutonnieres, Supplies, 3 Candle Centrepiece, Single Candle Centrepiece..

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