Complete Guide to Stencilling


Complete Guide to Stencilling by Peggy Decker. Published by Pat Depke Books. ISBN . Pages: 30

Everyone can stencil! It's simply a matter of learning a few easy techniques, tricks and tips. The 'Complete Guide to Stenciling' is a marvellous guide to this flexible art form, offering guidance on all aspects of stencilling for artists of all abilities. With the comprehensive advice and guidance of Peggy Caldwell, you're sure to find many ways to brighten your home with stencils. Ideal for stencilling novices.

Featuring: The Purpose of Stenciling, Choosing a Design, The Design, Precut Stencils, Tape, Stencil Materials, Creating Your Own Stencil Design, Enlarging and Reducing Designs, Cutting Your Own Stencil, Register Marks, Colour, Monochromatic Colours, Applicators, Use a Dry Brush!, Shading, Practice, Paints, Other Methods, Stenciling on Wooden Items, Floors, Wall Stenciling, Floor Cloths, Cleaning Brushes, Handling Stencils, Correcting Mistakes, Cleaning Stenciled Surfaces, Repaining and Refinishing Previously Stenciled Surfaces, Stenciling History..

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