Jewellery Fashion Flair


Jewellery Fashion Flair by Liz Miller. Published by Pat Depke Books. ISBN . Pages: 22

Jewellery found in this book can also be found in expensive department stores, trendy shops and fashionable boutique everywhere, but it has never been so unique, stunning or affordable as here. The designs of Liz Miller are innovative and contemporary, and utilise many different techniques and materials. If you would like to revamp your wardrobe, or make a gift for a friend - 'Jewellery Fashion Flair' is a wonderful source of ideas and guidance.

Featuring: General Information and Instructions, Peeled Paint Jewellery, Fabric Jewellery, White and Blue Silk Scarf, Pasta Jewellery, Gem Stone Jewellery, Hot Glue "String" Jewellery, Paper Jewellery, Hot Glue Jewellery Shapes, Foil Jewellery, Sizing Guides and Gem Stone Shapes..

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