Jewellery Fashion Magic


Jewellery Fashion Magic by Liz Miller. Published by Pat Depke Books. ISBN . Pages: 22

Although it seems almost magical, it is easy to transform small pieces of paper and fabric into fantastic fashion jewellery. In this wonderful book, created by expert Liz Miller, there are plenty of jewellery making projects to inspire you - whether you're updating your look or making gifts for friends. The detailed step-by-step instructions and close-up photos make it possible for everyone to create both casual and elegant jewellery, to complement any wardrobe.

Featuring: Fabric Hearts, Fabric Initial Pins, Fabric "Stained Glass" Jewellery, Torn Paper Jewellery, Fabric Flower Jewellery, Fabric Comb, Fabric Multi-Coloured Jewellery, Paper Swirl Jewellery, Paper Petal Jewellery, Paper Fan Jewellery, Paper Rolled Circle Jewellery, Fabric Bow Jewellery, Paper Arrow Jewellery, Paper Hoop Jewellery, Paper Square Jewellery, Paper Wedge Jewellery, Fast and Easy Fabric Jewellery, Trendy Fabric Jewellery, Fabric Shaped Jewellery, Fabric Gem Stone Jewellery, Fabric Cross Jewellery, Crinkle Paper Jewellery..

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