The Pinwheel Quilt


The Pinwheel Quilt by Jean Wells. Published by C&T Publishing. ISBN 0-914881-51-5. Pages: 22

Pinwheels tip, spin and turn to create movement in any quilt design - a real traditional delight! And even if you think this beautiful design is too tricky for you, Jean Wells' 'Patchwork Quilts Made Easy' series will help you to create your own. The Pinwheel block is easy to construct and offers endless design possibilities, which means that you can be a creative quilter in no time!

Featuring: Getting Started, What is a Quilt?, Projects, Basic Construction Techniques, Flying Geese Pinwheels, Starry Pinwheels, Amish Pinwheels, Spinning Pinwheels, Apron with Pinwheel Border, Finishing the Quilt..

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